Base Station keeps announcing there is water detected

Our water sensor went off and and we resolved the propblem, now the base station keeps announcing that water was detected. How do we get the base station to stop announcing there is water decteded for this occcurance?

How funny. This same thing just happened to me yesterday. I kept getting phone calls about the water detection. I would answer the call but they continued.

My base station is doing the same thing. Even though I turned off water detection at this time, the blue light on base station is flashing and repeats mesage about water detected.

Looks like water sensor has settings in the app for announcing alert every 10 minutes but it’s off.

How do I get base station to stop flashing blue and stop the alert announcement?

ok. I figured it out.

On the dashboard, there is a message about the water detection alert.

Once I pressed “Dismiss”, the blue light on the base station went back to solid blue.

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Thank you for the replies. Prior to receiving your replies I was able to stop the messages by removing the sensor device and added it back and that solved the problem as well. I will try your suggestions the next time

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