Base Station goes to Cellular?

Just as the title says, this thing goes to cellular very frequently. Now i need to bounce some thoughts i guess? Everything in the house named Ring is coming off my main router,the base station is coing off my range extender with more than enough Up and Down speed. Could it be that is is not on same “network”? The other thing that is weird, is that it seems to be doing it around the same time when it does, between 220 and 300AM. I did some looking into(what i could) this seems to be when all my devices are going through their health check. Thirdly, I havea never had any issues with my range extender as i just updated it last month(replaced old one), all firmware updates are current. But ever since i hooked the base station up to the range extender ive been losing the range extender untill i power cycle it. Again this all seems to be happening almost every day since i bought base station and hooked up to range extender last month.

I dont have the router in auto, i have it strictly on channel 11 just to avoid traffic, I am running WPA2, and i am on 2.4G. Would 5G be better, orshouldi just relocate the Base station closer to me main router and have everything on same network?

Any thoughts would be helpful?

I would try moving the base station just to test and see if that stops the behaviour. That would seem to be a good first step to answer the questions. Running 2.4 is not your problem.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us @syracuse76 ! We’re here to help :slight_smile:

Great observations on the health check details, I recommend also checking DHCP lease renewal for the routers to see if there is any area of improvement there. Also, sometimes when a router is being requested resources to delegate to several devices at once, a network might experience some difficulties and misappropriate signal.

You’ve taken good steps to optimizing connection it sounds, I would take it one step further and connect your Base Station via Ethernet (if possible) for the most dependable connection. Please let us know how it goes!