Base station - back side photo and electric connectivity


I am planning to get the system in the US but eventually install it in Cyprus.
Can you please share an image of the back side of the base station ?

Or describe how it is connected to power ?
Does it make use of a power converter ? Is it ranked 120-240v ? .

Thanks. !!

Hi @gurlavie! The Base Station is powered by an adapter that plugs into a standard wall outlet. This power supply will be included in the Alarm Kit box. Check out our [help center article](http:// for setup steps and a video walk through of the installation.

The U.S. Alarm system cannot be used in another country or region. As the Alarm is not supported or shipped to Cyprus, we do not recommend using it there. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Just ordered two flood and freeze sensors while I live in Cyprus (EU). Trying to add the new sensors and I cannot find them in the app. Are they not available for use outside US?

Just to re-iterate on my question above (and potentially answer to the OP), the Ring Alarm is working fine in Cyprus with door/window and motion sensors, so I expected to be able to pair it with the new flood/freeze sensors. Instead when trying to add the new sensors I don’t have the option to add them through the app and only new door/window and motion sensors can be added.

The only location related limitation I found so far (other than this question) is that you can only use the system on the “self monitored” mode.

Even so, it pairs nicely with the rest of my Ring devices, though I would love to also have the external Floodlight syren sounding when the alarm is triggerred.