Base station - back side photo and electric connectivity


I am planning to get the system in the UK (or US) but eventually install it in Cyprus.
Can you please share an image of the back side of the base station ?

Or how it is connected to power ?
So I will know how to prepare.

Thanks. !!

I’m also planning to buy in the uk and install in Cyprus. I worry that the online recording from the camera won’t work as countries control the internet accessibility. Did yours work ok and are you in the north or south Cyprus?
Many thanks

Hey neighbors. If you are planning to use the Ring Alarm Security System in the Republic of Cyrus, make sure the Ring Alarm kit you are purchasing is suitable for use in Europe. If you purchase your Ring Alarm kit from the United States, it will not have the correct hardware or Z-Wave frequency for use in Europe. The same goes for if you decide to purchase a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, it is recommended to purchase from to ensure that your device is compatible in your region.