bad response from idp in auth code exchange error when linking Doorbell2 to Google Homee

I can’t seem to successfully connect my Ring Doorbell 2 to my Google Home.

On the app it throws the following error …

bad response from idp in auth code exchange

Has anyone come across this or have a solution for it?

I’m based in Australia if that makes a difference to any of the settings.


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Yeah I’m getting this too now, also seems ring unlinked the google assistant integration and now I just get that error

I am also getting this error. Is there a solution?

Add another one to the list. I either get the same response on the Doorbell 3 Plus with Google Home/ Assistant or it crashes the app trying to link.

This is likely ring not expiring a pre-existing token, cant say im surprised they dont seem to want to play nice with an organisation that isnt Amazon.