Bad resolution

I have a problem with the resolution of my Stick Up Wierd. It sits outdoors but the resolution does not get better when I take it in and have it near the extender. Would guess like 360p. My old camera (budget HiCam) had a much better picture.
RSSI ~60
Anyone have any tips?

When I look at my Stick Up Solar the foreground is decent, but as I look 25+ feet and further it gets rather fuzzy/pixelated. Is that what you are encountering?

Agree, we had some bad actors areound the house.
But you can only detect a person walked arround.
Others whit unfortunately less expensive cameras where able to provide very detailed pictures.
In both cases cameras are
Mounted in same angle and same high, and same distance to the person.
So, hope RING will put some development and improve the quality.
Also, number plates of drive by cars or not readable.
I really regret I have bought so many ring stuff

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Thank you! I am searching right now for a camera capable of grabbing Lic Plate Info as we have recently had some people running thru completely blacked out and my existing camera’s are too far from road / wrong angle. I got a spot for one right on the road but dont want to waste $. Several Ring devices here as well :roll_eyes: mixed feelings…