Bad connection on new version chime pro

I recently purchased a new version chime pro to add to my chime network. It is TERRIBLE. I have a very weak connection no matter what I do or where I locate it. I finally plugged it in about a foot from my existing chime pro (the version with the 2 little antennae). The new one shows a very weak connection in device health while the older one is strong with a great green report in device health. I think either this nee design is poor or mine is defective and needs to be replaced.

Unfirtunately, i am unable to contact support in chat. It always says “something went wrong” and gives me no other options.

Sorry to hear about this @dmeissne! If you’ve located the new Chime Pro at the same place as your prior Chime Pro and the signal is significantly different, try another outlet with a direct line of sight from the router, and to your other Ring devices. Please also test video while connected to see if the RSSI improves on the Chime Pro and video works as intended. If this concern persists, our support team will be best to assist with next steps. During this time, they are reachable phone only.