Background blur


There has been a recent litigation in the UK where someone sued their neighbour for filming her property with a Ring device. The man being sued was only filming his driveway with a ring device, but some of the neighbour’s property was inadvertently captured too. She won, he has to pay her £100,000.

This has made me concerned about my doorbell, which can see the public street in the distance.

The privacy feature only lets me draw black boxes on the background, which obviously blocks faces at my door too.

It would be great if there were a background blur feature like they have in Zoom or Skype, but only affecting areas you currently draw the black boxes, to protect the privacy of people in the street and avoid them suing me due to this precedent. If a head takes up, say 20% of the screen area, it will unblur them. This would be optional, but I think it would help solve a lot of these new privacy concerns.