Back line covers the bottom during playback

Is anyone else having a black line cover the bottom of the screen behind the progress bar during playback? Only does it during playback and is behind the progress bar. Ring just asked me to reinstall the app instead of fixing the issue. This prevents you from seeing anything on the bottom which is very important since the cameras don’t always record right away and just capture the tail end.

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Hi there, @Yesrony! The progress bar, or video playback controls area, should be able to be hidden by tapping the screen. For instance, when initially pulling up a video to view, controls will be present, in which tapping anywhere on the screen where there are not controls will result in hiding those from view. This is for the timeline view.

If you are viewing events in event history, try a different view orientation (landscape vs portrait), or wait a moment to see if this area will go away.Feel free to let us know how this goes, as well as share an image example if this concern persists.

We are having that same problem. I tried tapping screen, but before line goes away what I’m looking for has disappeared. Translucent would be better. Best would be if we could tape to get the line. Please post if you get any help with this matter.

@Marley_Ring, your suggestion to tap outside the playbar does not work and this appears to be a bug. The playbar remains when paused and only disappears after 3 seconds or so when playing. Therefore, on Android, you will never be able to see a good percentage of the screen for the first few seconds of each video.