Automatically Display Ring Doorbell Camera on Echo Show 5 and LG TV

I want to have my front and back Ring Doorbell Pros display on my Echo Show 5 and LG TV at the same time when motion is detected. I do not see a way to select multiple devices for the routine in the Alexa App.

I currently have 2 routines setup to automatically display my front and back Ring Doorbell Pros when motion is detected. The first routine detects motion and displays the doorbell camera on the Echo Show 5. The second routine waits 1 minute then stops displaying the doorbell camera. These 2 routines work great with the Echo Show 5.

I tried to add the same routine settings for the LG TV. The TV is a LG 43" UP7000 4K UHD Smart webOS TV - model 43UP7000PUA connected to Alexa but its not working correctly. When motion is detected, the TV and Echo Show 5 respond “Ok” but the doorbell camera will not show on both. Sometimes it shows on the Echo Show, sometimes on the TV but then it will stop detecting motion altogether and neither will work.

It would be great if you could select multiple devices for a routine in the Alexa App but that’s not an option. Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way to get this working?

Agreed. When someone presses the doorbell button, the live video are shown on multiple Echo Shows so long as you select them. (Set under “Devices”).

There is a toggle for motion announcement, but it’s announce only on the Echo Shows.

If you are forced to create a routine to show the live video, only one Echo device can be selected.

I would also like to see that the built-in device announcement function to show the live video on multiple Echo/FTV/compatible devices.

Can you tell me how I can do this please?
I have linked Echo Show 5 to front door but
a) if someone answers the event on their Ring app then Echo Show doesn’t bring up the image
b) if it does bring up the image (because no-one has responded in the RING app) then it disappears too quickly

so what I need is for Echo to show me the front doorbell camera for a full 2 minutes irrespective of whether anyone answered on the app from their smartphone.

I received a notification that the Echo Show devices has a new feature to automatically display Doorbell live when the doorbell is pressed. However I can’t figure out how to turn the feature on or off. Currently my Echo 5 does show the live feed so I assume it is on by default but I would like to know how to turn the feature off without disabling other notifications. Please advise.