Automatically display Ring Camera on Echo Show when motion detected

You sir are a rockstar. Thank you for the detailed task list to get this working.

I have set up a routine to display the camera on motion and doorbell press. And another to say stop after 1m. But it stops everything. Nightmare for when I’m playing music on the everywhere group!!! Anybody know a solution??

Sounds Great, I would like to have this feature too.

Just set this “stop” routine on my Amazon Show & it works great! I’ve been trying to determine how to accomplish this, but didn’t think to make the 2nd routine trigger at same time. Thanks for the easy fix!


Instead of “Alexa, stop” try “Alexa, stop FrontDoor”. That will only stop the live view of the FrontDoor but will leave everything else running. I have it working with the action “Alexa, hide my FrontDoor camera” and that seems to work well for me.


This is brilliant - works as written with the latest Alexa app (version 2.2.443692) and IOS 15.01.

Brilliant. Thanks. Works fine with IOS. The customize option is at the top of the list.

Yes but why does it need us to create a routine Ring should provide the option.
But as usual the customer is always wrong.

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Excellent, thanks for the help in setting up my front door camera, much appreciated.



Can you get the routine to show on multiple Echo shows?

just installed ring doorbell pro 2 and found it annoying that my Alexa show didn’t show camera when motion was detected, this worked perfectly first time. thank you flyfish for sharing this info.

Thanks flyfish, worked first time.


Working great. Thanks.

There is actually a way to do this. I have done it. It is through the Alexa app routines. It takes a bit to set it up, but once you do, it works. Every time there is an alert at my front door, my Echo show brings up the video feed. Now if we can just get Ring to allow the live video feed to stay on longer or, hey, let us, the user, set how long the live feed stays on (and not Ring setting this time limit for us).

Here is the link to instructions on how set up routines:

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Hello Flyfish,
Thanks for the routines.

I have a question:

I did the routine for the motion detection. But when someone actually rings the dorbell then it messes up the echo, cause it receives two commands to show the camera. Have you come across that? And if so… Do you have a workaround for it?

Here is what the routine should look like (pic below). To get “person” notifications to work, you need to have a Ring Protect plan and enable Smart Alerts for a particular camera in the Ring app, as well as Person Detection Announcements for the same camera in the Alexa app (under Devices > Cameras > the camera you want > click the gear for Settings - then click Person Detection Announcements).

Then, in the Alexa app, go back to the same spot (Devices > Camera > the camera you want > gear Settings > Camera Events settings > Person Detection > Cameras - then select the camera(s) you want to have person notifications.

However, to avoid multiple announcements (one from routine below and another from activating Person Detection Announcements) open the Alexa app, go to Devices > Cameras > the camera you want > click the gear for Settings > Camera Event Settings > Person Detection. Then disable Announcements here.

Have enabling the routine below, you should be able to get your echos to announce that someone is at and then display it on an echo show - you’ll need to copy this routine for each echo show you want to display the camera once triggered (except in copied routines, don’t make an announcement).

The final step in the routine below is under the Custom action, where you type in what you would say to Alexa.

Hope this helps! PS - the same steps can be done for triggering motion announcements.

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I’m not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but this functionality has now been added to the Alexa app. While it doesn’t allow the same granular control as creating your own routine, it does seem to work pretty decently since I’ve been using it.

More info here:


Allow Echo Show to automatically display the Live View upon motion for Doorbells and Cams from Ring

Update / Improve the Amazon Ring skill so that it automatically displays on an Amazon Show 8 device etc… the Camera Live View when motion is detected NOT JUST on door bell ring.

Right not it auto shows on door bell ring, but with motion it annoyingly says “There is motion detected at your driveway/front door”… instead of telling me - SHOW ME AUTOMATICALLY!

Exactly what I came her for.

98% of my package deliveries sense motion, but I cannot configure it to SHOW it on my Alexa Show Gen 2, (as the courier almost never ring the bell) which I bought for that purpose. I have a home office, and I would like to see what is causing the motion, rahter than simply hearing about it.

I do agree.

This should be a must have!