Automatic Phone Display on Doorbell Ring

I have elderly relatives where we have fitted the Ring Doorbell. I have converted a spare android phone into a receiver for them and mounted it on a stand without a sim but connected to the home wifi. I will give them a couple more of the phones so that they are spread around the house. The issue is that some elderly are really not at all mobile phone savvy and explaing the following is difficult i.e.

Someone rings doorbell:

  1. The mobile phone gives doorbell ring and screensaver dissapears
  2. Click on the ring app
  3. Click on the screen for live view and you can see who is there
  4. Dont forget to close the app afterwards because if you leave the screen up you will not get a ringing notification if someone else presses the doorbell

What would be really helpful is a selectable option in the App that automatically brings up the live screen on all phones with the option selected (and does not disable the internal ringer)

This would give

  • A simplified interface for elderly / technically challenged
  • Affordable multiple screens throughout the house (cascaded family mobiles)
  • Enviromental benefit extending the use of redundent phones