đŸ˜¡Automatic live view

I been having issues with my mom ring doorbell not showing automatic live view on her echo show but it only shows on my echo show 8 2nd generation 2021model with my Amazon account and my mom ring account link. I also i got the correct settings on the echo show 5 and it’s Same as the echo show 8. But we due have separate alexa accounts and also it only allows me get automatic live view thru my mom ring doorbell account, also automatic live view not working with my echo show 8 2nd Gen with full shared access even though articles and YouTube say it does work. Help please because it’s driving my nuts!

Hi @ChillyWilly1994. You cannot have multiple Amazon accounts linked to the same Ring account. If you want to use the same Ring device on multiple Echo devices, those Echo devices need to be on the same Amazon Alexa account. You can read more about linking your Ring and Amazon accounts here. After sorting out the account issues, we have information and troubleshooting steps for getting your Ring devices to work with Alexa in this Help Center article.