Auto-Switching of Modes

Could you please consider the Auto-Switching of Modes using the phones gps location so you can automatically switch from Home to Away mode once the last person in the household has left the property. It could then switch back to Home mode when the first person returns. This should easily be possible as it’s something which exists for other security products from other manufacturers.



If I set my camera modes to “disabled” when at home, there is a high probability that I won’t remember to arm them each time I leave the house, therefore my house will likely be unprotected when I’m away. I also use a rival company camera indoors, they are not as good as Ring, but the camera uses the location info on my smartphone to automatically arm the camera whenever I leave the house, which is essential as I have never once thought about it when I go out.
Modes are a great progression? But in my humble opinion are fairly useless without an auto-arm feature when the house is vacated.


I know this has been discussed and requested in great length by many Ring customers, but they need geofencing for all of their products, especially the indoor cameras. It’s not feacible to expect users to manually change “modes” every time they leave or enter their homes. Nest and many other products use this feature and I don’t understand why it’s taken so long for Ring to adapt. We love our indoor cameras for their quality and ease of use, but the constant notifications, even with settings adjusted, are too much. With so many products using behind the scenes features, it is an unreal expectation to have to manually change the mode of our indoor cameras, given how many other devices and products we currently use.

Please help Ring!


Agreed! Geofencing is a must, especially with the new modes feature…

Yes! i cant believe this is missing!

With the addition of Ring modes, we need a fast way to change the modes instead of opening the app.
I suggest an iOS and Android widget, perhaps geofencing, and maybe IFTTT access to modes?


I completely agree I would like to be able to customize the notifications based on the mode. I want to be able to quickly switch between modes. I never want the recordings to stop but I would like to quickly switch modes to turn off my notifications when I’m in disarmed mode and working around the house.

Was just trying to figure out how to do this myself, it’s a shame its not yet possible.

Definitely needed. Leave home all ring products are armed

It seems that Ring is virtually unique in its inability to utilise geofencing to automatically assign a mode.

Nest cam, Canary, Arlo Q, Logitech Circle and many others - ALL of them support changing to away mode when all of the user phones have left the house.

Come on Ring - you are missing a VERY big trick here

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This only works if you live alone, which is why this feature will not get added.

Why did Ring make the option of having “modes” without having the option of tailoring the notifications to specific modes?

I turned the “modes” on today for the first time, only to find out if offers nothing I need with respect to getting too many notifications on my phone while I’m at home. I want the camera to record, just don’t want a notification sent when it senses movement. So I disabled the feature as I want the cameras to record movement all the time, but the alert fatigue is real and I hope Ring adds the ability to control notifications, based on mode, soon.

I’m amazed that Ring doesn’t offer this feature that has become standard on home security cameras. The only rational explanation is that Jeff Bezos wants to watch me walk around the house in my underwear.

Since geofencing isn’t built into the Ring app to be able to turn on interior cameras automatically, it would be easy to get around that if you could expand the Ring service in IFTTT to trigger a mode change. That way we could use the Location feature of IFTTT to do the geofencing.


Mode options for cameras should have option to keep motion detection ON, but turn motion “alerts” off when in a particular mode, such as Disarmed. Currently, you cannot toggle notifications on or off depending on which security mode you are in.


It would be so cool if the Ring app could us location data to automatically change the Away mode to Home and the opposite based on location!

I use the August door lock app that does this with geofencing.


When are you going to add geofencing so users can automate home/away mode switching with their phone? My Luton lighting system does it very well.


Hi all I want the ability to set my home mode to still record motions but to disable notification.

Then if I switch modes I want notifications to become active please see the 2 pictures.

Thank you


So I’ve just got my new system set up. I’d like to keep notifications on for motion on my camera. But don’t need this when I’m home/alarm is set to disabled. I don’t want to manually snooze all the time. It would be far easier and hands off to have the notifications directly linked to the ring alarm mode. I don’t need a notification telling me I’ve walked through my living room when it’s disabled. But would want it when my alarms set to away !


I also would like to see assocaited family members to a home to allow this as well.