Audio Recording

I have 2 different Ring accounts for properties located in 2 states. This post pertains to state laws regarding monitoring and recording voice conversations. Bear with me as this may be long.

In order to legally record conversations, some states are one party consent and some are two party consent. Most states prohibit recording a conversation without at least one party to the conversation consenting. So, on my Ring devices, particularly in the state where it’s 2 party consent, I have ALL audio turned off.

The problem is that on that account, I have it set up as a different Ring account since it is not my primary residence. So I am a “shared user” on that account but I’m logged in under my main account on my phone. So, I cannot easily access the settings on my secondary account. If someone goes to my home and I talk to them, I cannot receive any sound from them because I’ve turned off audio recordings.

The app needs to allow me to QUICKLY turn on audio when I am a party to the conversation but otherwise NOT record audio when I do not talk through the app. Ideally, I could talk to someone on my porch, have them talk to me, and and an option to RECORD or NOT RECORD that audio conversation.