Audio Feedback

Visitors at the front door can get feedback when communicating through the doorbell. For example, if they say hello can you hear me a few seconds later they will hear hello can you hear me? Support cannot figure it out as when I give them access to my account as well as an invite and we speak to each other, the problem does not exist.

That is certainly unusual to hear @Zandarr . The only time I’ve heard echoing or feedback is when the event is answered on a mobile device that is too close to the Ring device. This can happen if you answer an even too close to your door for instance, or if a shared user is at your door and answering the event they triggered themselves. Would either of these scenarios fit? If not, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application as the best first step. Let me know how it goes!

I knew that you were going to say that and I’ve already done so twice. After searching endlessly on the internet the only work around is to mute the mic after speaking and then the person at the door does not hear the feedback. It is not a big deal however it is kind of annoying.

Hi @Zandarr can you please answer the first part of the question? If you can also attach a video example, that would be great. Thanks!

I have been in the back of the house and echoing still occurs and I am the only user of the app. I’ve found a work around and that is to mute the mic when the person at the door speaks. I cant be the only one that has had this problem. I am just going to use the work around. Between you and customer support I have spent hours on this is issue and other doorbell issues as well.

It sounds like you’ve covered most troubleshooting steps, thank you for your patience with this matter. We will be happy to share this with the team for further review. If you could please confirm, what mobile device this is happening on?

I have the same problem - lots of feedback from the person at the ring - it only occurs in my wife’s phone, which is the same model as mine (Moto G Power, Android v10). Tried moving far away from the door, turning down her volume, nothing worked. My phone works perfectly. No feedback.

Hi @BCinDC! As the mobile device being used is android, please check for any apps that might conflict with the Ring app. With you both having the same phone, comparing these mobile devices for differences might help to find the culprit.

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