At The End of My Teether - Battery Lasts 5 Days

Hi I’m new to the forum and really hoping someone can help me as my title suggests I’m ready to take my doorbell off once and for all.
Firstly I would like to say customer support have been great and now sent me 4 doorbells convinced it’s a faulty product but I’ve recently installed number 4 and exactly the same thing - is happening/ in fact this is the worse of the lot and the battery is only lasting between 3 and 5 days before it needs recharging .
I have motion set to light , the settings to minimum with the two outer sections turned off . It says the internet connection is good , I’m averaging 5-8 notifications daily , I have done all the troubleshooting, reset the doorbell - installed the lighter version of ring app and I still can’t get it to last longer than 5 days .
I don’t even get notification it’s running low . I’m literally stumped as have done everything asked and this is the worse of the lot . I have mobility problems and it’s difficult for me to remove it - I’m also in hospital frequently but it runs out before I’m discharged which is almost an advert I’m not home .
Has anyone had anything similar or have any ideas what it could be . It’s not wired into an old doorbell but screws onto the fixed plate provided ( sorry not technical ) . My RSSI is 52 . It surely can’t be another faulty doorbell - any help or advice much appreciated - thank you

I’m with you. Having the exact same issue and have done all the things you did except for sending the device back. My daughter warned me before I bought mine it would go through battery pretty fast, but I didn’t think in my wildest imagination it would need new battery every week. When it was new it worked great and I was thinking my daughter might have been just having a bad experience with hers. I don’t have power to the door so hardwiring isn’t an option. Did anyone ever help get it fixed? I’m about ready to rip it off the door and give it to the Salvation Army.

Hi Rocco I’m sorry your having the same problems - I don’t think some realise how frustrating it is . Mine has never worked well or should I say none of mine . I’ve spent hours and hours with every new device on the phone to customer / tech support and they insist we should be getting 4-6 months battery use - I’m sorry but I’m actually starting to think this isn’t achievable as I said previously this is my 4 th device and like you it can’t be hardwired . Can I ask how you charge yours I.e. computer or plug and is it a 2 or 3 pin one. What I’ve noticed is mine tend to charge really quickly - I’m not sure how long a device is supposed to take but this last one particularly will charge from 0% to full in less than 2 hours .
I’m with you and really ready to take mine down - this was my last attempt / hope . Even if I could get 1 month I’d be happy as this week it went from 100% to 2% in 3 days :frowning: .
My sister’s is like yours - was fine at the start and now lasting about 9 days so it will be interesting to see if anyone else replies also .