Assign a motion schedule for each Motion Zone

Please consider adding a function to the Ring app allowing users to set an independent custom motion schedule for each Motion Zone. Currently, only one motion schedule can be assigned to a device, even if multiple zones were created. This means all of a device’s Motion Zones are activated or deactivated simultaneously.

Customized motion schedules for each zone grant users the ability to choose the times that each Motion Zone will send a notification, lessening the number of unwanted motion alerts. During the day, for example, I’d like to only get motion alerts from the Motion Zone covering the path leading up to my front door. I don’t want to be notified of the many people walking past my house on the public sidewalk. At night, though, I would love to have a larger Motion Zone that covers not only this path but also the public sidewalk and my driveway.

Since the latest Ring app upgrade ended the ability to activate and inactivate Motion Zones, I must create a larger Motion Zone every night and delete it every morning. It would be wonderful to have each of my Motion Zones respond to an individualized schedule.

I’d appreciate any consideration you make toward adding this functionality to the Ring app.

I agree, also the ability to adjust the motion sensitivity in each zone.


I came here to look for this.

What is the purpose of having different Zones if they cannot be set up differently? It makes no sense.


I would love to be able to adjust all of the settings per zone. For instance, I want one of my zones to be people only.


Same here. I was looking how to setup a schedule for different zones so I could have only monitor the front entrance during he day but a wider area overnight.

I really do not understand the point in creating different zones if you cannot manage them and schedule them separately.
Unless it is to hopefully be ready for this much needed enhancement!

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Agreed! Is it possible to toggle ON/OFF motion zones without deleting them? If not then may I suggest it? That was my original question, and your suggestion to add a schedule to do it is when better!

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I agree! I have to do this every morning.

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The ability to turn off/on motion zones used to be in the app. At least with my Ring Doorbell Pro, but it’s gone missing over 6 months ago with an “update” to the app. Now you can only delete them and add/draw new ones. This sucks because sometimes motion zones have been fine tuned to block some areas or focus on other areas.

Go vote up my request to bring this feature back - Motion Zone + Active/Inactive (bring back old feature!)

It was so nice to be able to mark zones as active/inactive in the past. I miss that feature a lot. It would be nice to be able to schedule them individually too as I had a zone that would be able to monitor the street on our trash day when the large trash truck came rather than motion from every car that passed the house.

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I like this. I scoped the road and my driveway out of the motion zone during the day to save battery. At night I’d like to have them back in. Good idea.


I also came in to see if others had addressed the motion zone scheduling. It seemed like a no brainer to be able to schedule each zone per camera. My reasoning is a little different than the others though. I have an adopted son who breaks into the cabinets when aren’t watching. He steals sweets and other items he is supposed to have permission to use or consume. We want the entire area to be motion sensative when we aren’t home or we are sleeping. The cabinet would only need to be set during the day. Please update to allow these scheduling options.

I competitive agree ! Please could we have this feature!

I’ve just installed my ring door bell and am very disappointed that this isn’t a feature. When researching the doorbell I saw that you could custom motion zones and assumed that this would be possible. Like others have stated - it would be really useful to just have my front garden zone active during the daytime, but with an additional zone active at night which covers my car on the street.

Fingers crossed someone agrees and can make this happen. !!



Hello and good day,

I am requesting a feature to enable better customization of motion alerts. For example, if I enable people only mode on a hardwired doorbell it no longer records any other motion. I would prefer to be able to switch alerts off for all but people and still record all motion eg a vehicle, dog crapping on the lawn, etc. this is useful when someone drives over your mailbox as happened to me recently. because I had people mode it did not record the vehicle. Luckily my neighbor did not and caught the vehicle on her cam.

a couple of options 1 - use the same set as you do for battery-powered where people only still records all but only alerts when a person is detected. 2 - create a feature to turn off alerts only on specific zones custom motion zones. I think number 1 would be an easy software update as that is how it works on the existing battery-powered models.

there is so much more that could be done with motion and alert customization.

I would upvote this 1000 times if I could. I was recently given an opportunity to test a competitor’s doorbell camera which has “ONVIF” capability. With this, I can use the camera with Blue Iris NVR software. Now I can set custom motion zones and only receive the alerts I want to.

A perfect example is the activity in front of my doorbell cam. I don’t need to be alerted every time a car drives by (Motion Zone A) but I want to be alerted anytime a person is between my sidewalk and my front door (Motion Zone B). At the same time, I want all of that footage captured so I can refer back to it in the event of a break in.

By being spoiled on this unknown capability, I’m seriously thinking about upgrading my cameras to another security solution. Having this would help keep me in the ecosystem.