Arming the Alarm should lock smart locks

I was surprised to find there is no functionality to automatically lock door locks upon the arming of the Ring Alarm. This is relatively basic functionality that is already available in ADT and xFinity Home alarm systems, and I am sure this is available in other systems as well.

To clarify exactly what I’m suggesting:

When I ARM my Ring Alarm system, the system should automatically lock all Door Locks which are integrated into the system.

The system already monitors and allows “manual” control of my Door Locks; I would simply like to have the ability to have the system lock the doors upon system arming.


Fully agree. That should be a standard feature.
At least the system should give a warning when a door is unlocked when you arm the system.

Bumping this up topic up. It used to be available via Alex Routines and the dev team removed it. The whole reason I wanted the door lock was for the alarm system to control it automatically when home mode was armed. I’m disappointed.

Using the z-wave plus smart locks from Schlage why is there not an option for them to auto lock when the system arms. It seems like an oversight that they would stay unlocked when you are arming the system when they have the ability to lock remotely.

I can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more upvotes, this seems like an absolutely critical feature. I hate that this is currently a 2 step process completely unnecessarily.

Seems like a setting for one button lock operation on the ring app would be an obvious thing to include.

I agree, my old digital life system had this and it was almost 8 years old :confused:

Definitely agree with this one. And if you’re interested in increasing adoption of smart locks, check out my suggestion to extend integration support for more hardware:

How is this not a basic feature? Open garage doors and unlocked doors should definitely at least provide notification when an alarm is armed!

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