Arming Ring

I can arm ring to away, no problem. But if I want too arm the system to “home” by voice command. How do I do that? Do I need a new routine or skill?

You need to add the Ring skill to Alexa. Then you can arm and un-arm by voice.

Thanks, but I’ve already created the skill/routine to voice and arm. For AWAY. But what about arming for HOME. When you arm Ring it automatically goes to away. What if you want to stay in the house but still want the Ring to monitor all sensors? That would be HOME. Do you hit button on keypad or do you tell Alexa to arm Ring to HOME?

Just say:

Alexa, arm ring alarm in HOME MODE.

I did this way many times.

interesting, my Ring Alarm behaves a bit differently with Alexa…

I should mention… while I’m not sure if it makes any difference here, in the Alexa app under Devices/All Devices I edited my Ring Alarm system’s name and set it to “Security System”. (I did this because I was concerned there’d be potential for Alexa to get confused with its other use of the word “alarm”, as in a timer/alarm clock)

anyhow, with Alexa and my Ring alarm I can say:

  1. “Alexa, arm Security System” - and this will by default arm it to Home mode

  2. “Alexa, arm Security System to Away Mode” - and as expected this arms it to Away mode

I can optionally say:

  1. “Alexa, arm Security System in Home Mode” but that has same effect as the shorter 1st example

Riley…thanks slot. I tried your Solution and they worked perfectly. Thanks