Arming and Disarming Processes - Keypad Gen 2

Just recently switched to Ring from my traditional DSC Alarm panel to Ring. The Retrofit kit worked great! I’m loving the new system - but there seems to be a few quirks, and it may just be me.

With my DSC Panel, I was able to easily “arm” the system in Home Mode by simply pressing the Stay Button. Disarming it in the morning was simply performed by entering in my code.

If I wanted to arm the DSC in “away” mode, I would simply enter in my code - and it would initiate the countdown sequence.

Is there the ability to enable similiar workflows functionality with the Ring Keypad?

With the Ring keypad, I have to enter in the code, and then select one of the mode buttons - to either arm or disarm it. It seems a bit odd that with the App I can arm and disarm without a code by simply selecting the mode - but on the keypad I can’t just walk up and press (1) button to arm it.

Hey @bwolfman. Thank you so much for detailing your experience with your other alarm system and how the Keypad worked with it. The way that you have described the Keypad is the designed “workflow” to get the Keypad to put your system into the Mode you want it in. The Keypad will always require the code, as this is a way to help prevent false alarms, and give you the option to put in a Duress code without alarm, as it’s the same workflow to put in a code at any other time. The app also you to one-touch a Mode you want to be in, as it’s assumed only people with the given access have access to the app as well. There is not a way to change the input system for the Keypad at this time, but it’s a great idea!

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