Are there any problems with multiple cameras--some on WiFi and some on PoE?


I am about to pull the trigger on a security system, including several cameras. Some areas at this location have Cat5 cable already, so I could use a “Doorbell Elite” which uses PoE.

Other areas only have WiFI available, so I’d be using cameras that rely on WiFi.

Are there any considerations I should be aware of, such as ever device needing to be on the same Network?

Every camera would be going to the same ROUTER, but some would be WiFi and some would be PoE.

Or does each Ring device simply connect to a network, whether it’s WiFi or PoE, and from there it connects to the greater Internet? (Just wondering if there are any advanced configurations like ports, bridges, tunnels, etc. I’d have to setup in the router.)


Hi @ThisIsAStickUp! Our devices are designed for an easy setup with the Ring app, and also with most residential networks. If you are using any advanced network equipment, or operate with custom settings, you might find interest in our ports and protocols help center article. Having many Ring devices at one location can certainly expand your ‘Ring of security’ around your property and in the Ring app. This should also come naturally to most networks, keeping in mind the necessary resources for all in home devices, and signal strength (RSSI), if connected to wifi. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks… I guess. That’s a pretty generic help article.

Just wondering if I can use the same router to connect to multiple cameras, with some using WiFi and some using PoE.

I’m guessing it will be plug-and-play, but would like confirmation before buying a bunch of Ring gear.

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I’m happy to confirm further, @ThisIsAStickUp! You are more than welcome to operate numerous Ring devices on one network, including some on wifi and some via POE. This answer holds true whether you are POE ports on the router or a POE switch.

As it sounds like you will be adding several devices, if it helps, I personally operate a couple Doorbells, Cams, an Alarm, and Smart Lighting Bridge on wifi, while also using POE for some Cameras. My network is simply one Eero Pro and a Beacon, in which I could confidently operate this without the Beacon if needed. :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks! THAT is the answer I was looking for!!!

Take care :smiley:

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