Are there any detailed and thorough how to use tutorials?

I can’t seem to find any resources with thorough, detailed tutorials on how to use these devices through the app - settings, controls, modes. Most information I see on the RING website is installation and general usage. Nothing detailed on configuring settings with detailed control. RING Yutube channel has 50 cute videos of bears and dogs poking their noses at cameras, and installation guides. A couple videos on settings but it’s mostly general information.

I am running into a lot of confusing and conflicting settings and things not operating as implied. Before I call in just wondering if there are detailed tutorials anywhere.

I have the video doorbell and floodlight cam. Thank you

Hey @Solaris. If you go to, you may be able to search through our articles about your device, as we have some articles on how to set up, use and fix problems on your device. This is great to explore and you may need to do some poking around. Regardless, I’m here to help if you have any specific questions, or you can call our support at any time. :slight_smile: