Are Subscription Plans For Shared Users Available?

As a property management company, we provide Ring Doorbells to our tenants as incentive gifts. We install the devices for our tenants (using our own company mobile phone and then share the app w/ our tenants). When tenants leave, the device stays at the property (exiting tenants are removed from the shared app and new tenants are added).

Question: Is it possible for shared users to subscribe to a plan if the owner of the device does not have a subscription?

Thanks in advance for your expertise!
-Vesta Property Management

Hi @Vesta_Property_Mgmt_PS_M2B_LLC. Only the owner of the Ring device can subscribe to a Ring Protect plan, so a Shared User would not be able to. You can read more about our Ring Protect plans in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: