Apple Watch App

Yes please

So the staff at ring we are waiting on an answer from you. Balls in your court how much longer are you going to make us wait?

@EricM wrote:
Why hasn’t Ring created a fully functional Apple Watch App? I’d like to be able to Arm or disarm my Ring Alarm, check the cameras, when motion is detected, or even see any camera at any time. What’s the deal?

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lets just say watch app in general. Would love this on my samsung watch as well

I am hoping some at Ring support is reading this thread. I would love to have an app to arm or dis arm from my Apple Watch.

Agreed that this would be an ideal feature - I go scrambling for my phone every time when the alert comes to my watch. It would be incredibly convenient to have the ability to at least disable from the watch. As with all software requests, the only thing that ever pushes the needle forward is competition or a lot of upvotes, so mark the topic with kudos (or start shopping alternatives?)

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Lots of alarm companies now will let you control mode settings through your watch. Don’t understand how Ring can’t achieve this. Apple TV should be a winner for people also.

Yes please have an Apple Watch app available to arm and disarm ring alarm. It makes it very convenient especially when you accidentally set off the alarm and/or you can’t find your phone in the house. ADT has had this for a few years now.

I agree with all the previous comments but a the very least ability to arm & disarm from the Apple Watch or any other wearable technology

Excellent idea. Perhaps similar functionality on the Apple Watch app as well.

Frontpoint your competitor has this. Ring please add this ASAP please.

It seems like a huge miss to not be able to turn on/off security system from Apple Watch. Come on ring.

Please make an Apple Watch app to arm/disarm and see doorbell video feed.

Please add siri and Apple HomeKit integration.


Pathetic that Ring does not have this, I’m looking at other options


I can arm, disarm and get status with

I agree and this is one reason I’m looking at simplisafe to replace ring completely. It’s ridiculous ring doesn’t have the app for apple watch.

Apple watch app is a must please.

When are Ring going to let me arm & disarm my alarm from my Apple Watch. I run and don’t take my phone. Ring can you respond please?

HIVE security system allows you to arm/disarm through Apple Watch. I don’t see why Ring can’t do this.

Ring have only just released notifications allowing to view an image on the watch and iOS devices. Hurry up Ring and get a proper watch app!

I also don’t see why Ring Alarm can’t be IFTTT !!

I agree 100%!

This would be a great addition to the Ring family of products.