Apple TV App

I’ve been a Ring customer for many years and also waiting for Apple TV and Apple HomeKit support, could Ring please reply to this thread ?


Homekit and Apple TV / Watch integration would be amazing…

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Over a year since this question was asked and still no answer from Ring? It’s really shocking you have support for other Apple devices but not the Apple TV. It’s not like you can’t afford it.

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Just got Ring, and I’m already done with it… they seem so popular and are advertised everywhere, but clearly they are another big company that does not care about offering a quality service and don’t listen to or care about their customers. This thread has been going over a year on their official site with no response?

Features like support for Apple TV and Roku should have been included day 1. Likely they just want to only support Fire TV to force you into a 100% Amazon ecosystem. I’m so done with companies like this.

I just got my Ring doorbell this week, setup the paid subscription (like we need more subscriptions?) and I’m already regretting it and wanting to pull the plug. GREAT JOB RING!