App won't load live

Whether I’m trying to load a motion alert or trying to live view, wifi or mobile network, I get loading. Sometimes I’ll get the cannot connect error but usually it just loads forever. Therefore I cannot talk to people coming to front door or wouldn’t be able to siren if something were to happen. I have family that have the exact problem.

There are many things to take into consideration with this, @Ginafur86 . How is the connection to your device? What phone and app version are you using? Have you recently tried uninstalling and reinstalling your Ring App? How many apps do you normally have open when you are trying to connect? Last, but certainly not least, have you reached out to our support team?

Im having the exact same problem and i have full internet coverage on both my floodlight cam and mobile phone but stil wont load live data, i get an alert saying theres motion but when i click in it wont load,

@Tracyjez is your App loading when connected to WiFi?

I have a samsung s8+, i’m using app version 3.20.0. I have done all of those things and always have full bars and or am on wi-fi with full signal. I have no problems going back in and watching the replays of the videos or getting the notifications of motion.