App to show solar charging ?

I currently have the spotlight cam covering my backyard which has the solar panel fitted. I have recently bought the ring 2 solar charger to fit to my ring 2 device, however I have experienced problems in the last 36 hours knowing if my Ring 2 Solar Charger is actually charging or not.
The spot cam is fine as I can angle the solar panel directly towards the sky to get a better coverage and is working perfectly - a larger solar panel helps and it can be angled directly to the sun.
The problem with the Ring 2 solar charger is because the solar panels are smaller, plus you don’t have much control over if it is in direct sun or shade, which mine sadly is (not 100% shade) but not direct sun, so a better indication would be useful.

Would it not be possible to update the app to show a different icon or indication if the battery is charging?
Even if just a small lightning bolt?
Or change the power supply from battery to battery+solar

This way if for some reason the solar panel was not charging it will be reflected correctly in the app.


Hello @ChrisK,

Thank you for this full description of your current situation and need for this feature. I sent it over to a team member here. We are thankful for your feedback on this and will take a look into the possibility of such a feature.


Any update on this?

I would be *super* helpful to know if the solar panel is charging, or even better what voltage it is charging at so we could optimize location. My batteries both ran down this past week and I have literally no idea if the charger is even working.

Prior to this week my batteries have stayed pretty much fully charged all the time, so having them BOTH 100% discharge is confusing since I have no information to see what is going on.