App Notifications should show ALERT LOCATION first and NOT There is a person.... See Pic

App ANNOYING notifications that don’t prioritze location of alert! All I ever see is "There is a peroson detected at yo… " but I want the first thing I see and read to be the location!! My side door and my front door both have grass and trees so, its difficult to discern and I don’t want to have to open the app each time I see an alert!! See image:

My notifications on my Android phone say “There is a Person at your Front Door” or “There is a Person at your Garage”. So the location is there already. Maybe if you, just for testing, reduce your front size to see if your locations show up then.

Hi @Bigm00. From the image you shared, it looks like the first thing mentioned in the alert, is the Location. “Side Door Alert” and “Patio Alert” seems to correspond to the Location the alert is happening at. Are you referring to a different type of notification?

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