app needs to auto-switch to cellular if wireless is blocked by a password

I have submitted a request at least twice for a simple app upgrade to fix a problem I have at work. Our wireless at my university has a password and I’ll bet many of you also have this situation where you work. My app is set for my wireless at home, not at work, so when I get a Ring alert my phone, iOS, tries to connect through my home wireless system. I can connect successfully at work by turning off the wireless and shifting the phone to cellular. I contend that this is an unnecessary delay when the app could be programmed to auto-switch after a password failure is encountered thus giving a better response time.

Another fix would be to provide an option in the settings menu to automatically use cellular when the the phone is out of range as detected with the gps. Thus, when at home the wireless would kick in and when away the cellular would be used automatically.

When I suggest this to the Ring help personnel, they give a polite thank you for the suggestion and nothing happens. If I’m the only one, then this post will just age and decay with the passing of time and I’ll just have to live with it. On the other hand, if more of you were to make this same request, maybe they would take some action.

I don’t know anything about an iPhone. But on Android you have many options to make this work from the phone. I would think your phone is what’s needed to change these settings.

But my co-workers and I use a VPN at work so we can see our Ring devices without any problems. This gets around the wifi blocking videos and sites.