App load time on Ring Doorbell notification

When I get a notification that there is someone at my door (they rang the Ring doorbell), by the time the app opens, the person is usually gone. Yes, it takes that long for the app to open to the video doorbell. I can wait another minute or two and it will show up in my video history. Of course, by then it’s too late to respond.


Hello @ghvz1 , sorry to hear you are experiencing this delay. The main culprit for such a concern is usually the Wi-Fi connection to your device. The best place to start is by checking your device’s RSSI in “Device Health” section of your app. Check out this Ring Help Center article for more information on understanding the RSSI values. If you give our support team a call they would be happy to work with you and get things running smoother as well.

I also wanted to confirm if this post is the same concern you are expressing here? If so, can we delete it to avoid having any duplicate posts in the Community?

+1 on this issue, my RSSI is about 30-32 on a 400mb connection, Note9 & ipad pro both have such a delay


I have the same issue with Delayed notification. Rssi is -47 and I have 3 TV’s that stream movies without interruption. So what’s the deal with ring?

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Based on your observations, @Egkm, this delay may not be WiFi related but could be on the app/mobile device side. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? You can also test answering notifications with your phone connected to WiFi only, and again on Cellular Data only. Have you downloaded Rapid Ring App to see if that makes a difference? Let us know!

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