App keeps stopping

Hi, i log into my ring app and for a couple of hours after ive been on the app it alerts me of motion and someone ringing my doorbell however after a couple of hours it stops responding again until i click on the app again. Can someone help please

What phone do you own?

Check your phone’s settings. Deselect any settings that are designed to extend your phone’s battery life.

Many smartphones are ‘working’ so hard, processing all your active Apps, that the battery doesn’t last long. It varies depending on what kind of smartphone you might own, but many phones have setting options to help extend the battery time between charging. If you have selected some type of 'Extend Battery Life" option, phones accomplish this by putting Apps, that you have running in the background, into some type of “Hibernation mode” after a period of inactivity. Hibernation is a fancy word for “it stops processing” that App . By Hibernating many of your Apps, the phone reduces a lot of constant battery-draining processing, thereby draining your battery less. Once you click on that App again, that App comes out of Hibernation and resumes processing.

Of course the downside of deselecting any Hibernation features, your battery will deplete faster. But, your Apps will be always running/processing in the background non-stop. Some phone s have indiviual settings (under App management) where you can select “Never Hibernate this App” which will force your phone to continue processing this App, while still allowing your phone to Hibernate other Apps.

I hope this helps you. :slight_smile:

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2 articles that address the battery optimization of certain Android manufacturers.

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