App keeps removing my post of adult thief stealing my packages

I have two ring cameras, a doorbell and floodlight.

Today, a man walked around my front and then up to my porch and attempted to steal my packages that were just delivered.

The floodlight camera shows the person coming onto my property from his truck and then back to his truck.

The doorbell camera shows the person’s face and the actual act of stealing.

I posted the floodlight video and then tried to post the doorbell video.

A moderator keeps removing my doorbell video and is making up different reasons as to why.

The first two times it was because of “unneighborly or inappropriate content”. In my first post, I said that it looked like the thief hit every branch of the ugly tree he fell out of.

In the second, I said he was a worthless thief.

In the third, I said it was just part 2 of the encounter.

In the forth, I said that Neighbors keeps removing my post.

The reason I was told this time was because the moderator feels that I am posting the “same informartion”.

It’s not the same information. It’s a completely different video that shows the thief’s face. Why is Neighbors trying to protect this thief from my actual neighbors being able to ID him? Why is a single moderator allowed to do whatever they want? Why is Ring removing the very ability that I purchased this product for?

What is the point of this app and product if you can’t actually use it? Do we have to use this product in fear of some power crazy moderator?

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Sorry to hear about this experience @username1978! Of course, we take the security and privacy of our neighbors seriously, and we intend for an efficient experience in notifying your neighborhood of activity. Users of the Neighbors by Ring app are able to flag comments or posts deemed as inappropriate. Once flagged, the comment or post will disappear from your local feed and will be sent to our moderation team for a secondary review. Depending on certain factors, a post might fall out of the Guidelines.

To ensure your posts are meeting all the proper criteria, check out our Ring Neighbors Community Guidelines. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

That doesn’t answer my questions and doesn’t address why my post has been repeatly removed. Now I don’t even get the generic fake reason, my post is just removed.

So, again, I posted a video of a thief caught red handed stealing packages right off of my doorstep and that post has been removed seven times. The first couple of times, the “mod” removed my post and made up some generic reason. Despite not agreeing with their little tantrum, I complied with what the “reason” was for and updated the post to comply within the “guidlines” but my post is still being removed.

And now that I’ve reached out to this community forum for support, i’m having trouble getting the video to play. Is this a result of upseting this “moderator”? Is this what we all have to look forward to when one of these “moderators” has a bad day? They can deny our ability to make posts to identify neighborhood threats and remove the video footage we need to supply to the police?

I need something more than just a Copy/Paste response.

What is happening to my post? What is happening to my video?


Hey @username1978 , I hope you’re having a nice day.

I want to help! First, just to confirm, we are talking about the Neighbors App – correct? If so, I want to ensure that you know the Neighbors App and this forum are two totally seperate areas of the business. Our moderators do not have anything to do with the moderation of the Neighbors App nor taking down videos.

That being said, we can really only point you to the correct team to discuss this with and learn more about the Neighbors Community Guidelines. Furthermore, I highly encourage you to respond to the email from the moderator team and a team member can provide some further information as to why the post(s) have been flagged or taken down. If you want, I can alert the team to be on the look out for your email. Just let me know!

Hi Jennifer, thank you for reaching out and trying to help.

I am referring to the Ring App on my phone. This is the site that I was directed to from the app and email.

I have already sent mutliple emails to but they have all been ignored. I am guessing that whomever kept deleting my video is also deleting my support emails. I have already manually downloaded the videos so that I don’t have to be afraid of not having access to them for the police report.

I do appreciate you offering information to me. I think the only recourse I have left is to cancel my sub, sell my cameras and go with a different company. The moderators seem to have too much power and not enough oversight of that power. If large features of this product can be removed from customer use at the whim of a single, unhinged moderator, that spoils the product as a whole and any model of trust that was supposd to occur.

Thanks again for your response though, that was thoughtful and kind.

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Hi @username1978 - I understand and thanks for communicating with me. There isn’t a way to delete support emails, however, I’ll be sure that the team continues to investigate this matter. From Friday, I believe (man… the days are sure running together), did you reach out and haev you heard back? I’ll make sure that a team assists however we can. From my understanding only one should have been removed due to it being a duplicate… just let me know and we can get this sorted out :slight_smile:

If there isn’t a way to delete support emails then I guess the team is just ignoring all my support emails. But i’m sure someone will make up a garbage reason like blaming COVID and saying that it’s taking “longer than usual” to respond to support emails. Somehow, your team doesn’t seem to have any problem removing people’s posts within the span of Ten Seconds. Over and over again. Gotta have priorities though, right? Gotta make sure customers know their place before you provide any support.

I already said that I sent multiple messages and they were all ignored. I don’t know why you’re pretending to ask.

I see that you’ve decided to dismiss my complaint by calling my post a “duplicate”. We both know it’s not a duplicate and we both know that’s not why my post was removed and why no one has responded to my support requests.

You have a leadership issue. Your “mods” are running wild and no one is able or willing to say or do anything. Good luck with that. You people always think it’s not a big deal until it happens to you.



@username1978, hi. I hope you know we are trying to work with you and not against you in any way, shape or form. Your happiness and overall satisfaction with Ring is my top priority. I have just reached out to the team and have confirmed they have received your email and are responding. We appreciate your patience in the matter.

I also want to clarify, yet again, that the Community (this site) and the Neighbors app (the site you’re talking about) don’t share moderators. I’m literally acting as a liason here trying to help you to the best of my ability.

Jennifer- I am the end user. I don’t create, maintain or have any control over how you people provide your “support”. You can clarify all the idiocy of Ring’s policies and practices to me all you want but I am powerless to make any changes.

If you don’t want people requesting support for the Neighbors App on the Community site, then you shouldn’t direct people to the Community site for support for the Neighbors App.

It’s literally listed on support.ring’s FAQs and Knowledge Base.


I have been experiencing the same issue for over a year. The neighborsapp has been deleting every single posts I posted. At first it was flagged for Inappropriate language when I did no such thing, I called Ring representative they couldn’t resolve the issue and tried to say the neighbor posts are Not regulated by ring. It was so frustrating. Till this day, I realized there’s a loophole, anyone can delete the videos, especially for real stealing packages and criminal activities. I hate the ring neighbors app it’s entirely useless when I can’t share any posts.

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Ring and Neigbor app support is the worst ever had. If I could returned all the ring products I would. The Neigbor app or whatever you call it is garbage, it automatically deletes all my posts since a year ago, ring support nor the app doesnt care enough to resolve the issue. When I see neighbors posting real criminal activities, some also gets deleted for no reason… if this only happened to me I will say it’s my issue, but I’m seeing more people and my neighbors experience this ridiculous issue. It’s probably a bug on the stupid app that auto deletes users posts…

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I’m having the same problem!!! I’ve posted under 3 separate categories, changed the wording in my post, replied to the Ring Teams denial emails, and nothing happens. Listen, this is important, the denial emails come from a NO-REPLY email address. I know it says to reply to them, but you can’t!! Go to or

I just spoke to someone at Ring and they say they are going to fix this problem.

You can’t “respond” to the email. It comes from a NO-REPLY address!!

I have sent this email to Communityalerts@ and to We’ll see if anything happens:

I have tried 3 times, I have received three denials (that didn’t make sense based on the category I chose).

The denial emails I received said to reply to the email. The problem with that is it comes from a NO-REPLY address, hahahaha, you probably think that’s funny. Gen, a supervisor from Ring gave me your email address and told me that she is giving you mine.

I see on the forums that I’m not the only one with this problem. Moderators just decide to disallow a video post. Once you’re stuck in the loop, there’s no way out.

Same issue - posted videos of people attempting to steal packages and Ring deletes the posts. I suspect they’ve been sued by someone caught on camera and now have a policy to delete everything.
I’ve even tried posting a positive video and been told it’s outside Ring neighborhood guidelines.

I used to like ring when they first came onto the market. Now that they’ve become popular their customer service stinks (25 minutes to get someone on the phone) and generic emails to questions about delivery status/delays and technical inquiries.

They’ve taken down so many suspicious videos that ive tried to post in my neighborhood. I wrote to the email provided and this was their response

"We’ve reviewed your post, and we feel that it’s not quite right for Neighbors. We recently made changes to our Unexpected Activity category based on feedback from the community about what posts are most useful. The type of incident you are reporting is no longer permitted on the app.

We appreciate your effort to engage your community. We understand that each incident is different and local context matters, however we have one set of Community Guidelines that all users must follow. Your feedback is important to us; the community guidelines will continue to evolve as we figure out what information users want to see."

What’s the point in having a community outlet to make our neighbors aware of what’s going on when they won’t allow us because it doesn’t follow the “guidelines”? Every neighborhood is different and there should be flexibility as to what is appropriate with the guideline. I may have to take my business elsewhere. What’s the point in giving my money to a company that takes that away from us? I’d rather put my money into a security company that allows us to be safe.


A thief themselves or a group using one account flag the videos of the victims. It should require at least flagged by 12 different people ideally from different locations/cities/provinces/states or countries. This will prevent thieves abusing the system.

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Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! If you would like more details on why your post was removed or additional details on any concerns you have with the Neighbors App, you will need to reach out to This will get you in touch with our team that monitors the Neighbor’s app, and they can provide more information on why the post was not allowed. If you get a response that does not seem in-depth enough, please respond to the email you have received back from them for more additional and specific feedback. Please note that they may take 48-72 hours to respond to you via email each time you reach out and respond.

If you are having other concerns with the Neighbors by Ring app, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

@Marley_Ring I hate to say this but your response makes no sense since other mods have replied with the same answer you just gave.
I’m new to this side of ring and came here to find information. I think I see what I suspected, that there are no clear rules as to why a post is removed and thus its subjective.

The Neighbors app has really turned too crap with being too restrictive and overbearing in regard to who is monitoring whatever they consider to be community standards.
I have yet to have one post remain on the board since they have tightened their standards.
These have been some serious reports too. Of wreck less drivers in the community.
A Forrest fire nearby my home that went two days before it could be contained.
And other events I’m sure neighbors would have liked to know about.
I too received letters initially from them, replied to those emails only to get more canned responses. With no real substantive response as to why it was removed.
Reminds me a lot of AOL chat rooms back in the day where anyone could be a terms of service monitor and boot someone.
Ring should seriously re examine their move here.