App for Mac HDMI Sound

Hi everyone,

I am having issues getting the Ring App for Mac live sound to play on my HDMI monitor with speakers. It always plays on my Macbook Pro speakers instead. I have adjusted settings on my Macbook to default to the HDMI output and I have adjusted the settings in the Ring App to play throught the HDMI connection but it still plays through the Macbook speakers. Every other audio source plays through the HDMI just fine. Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? Thank you in advanced for you help.

Hi @jwiatt, just wanted to chime in to see if I could help you out with this! We had a similar concern on the Community with neighbors having this happen on their Windows PC. I know you mentioned you have a Mac, but it’s possible the sound adjustments may be similar. If you could, please review this Community post here and see if this helps guide you through the changes you will need to make. Otherwise, consider this a bump to your post to see if another Mac user is aware of what adjustments that need to be made as well. :slight_smile:

Chelsea_Ring thank you for your assistance. I did try all of those suggestions in that post and have all of my settings correct. Still didn’t work.