App Flexibility, scheduling, overall control

Still researching my securitycam options. I am retired and rural.

Just how much control does the app provide? I am not on any fixed schedue, can be in and out almost anytime.

Considering two Spotlight Cams, battery, one in front, one in back.

If I install Spotlight Cams, they do motion detection only and if motion is detected at night, the area is illuminated and a video is taken. In addition, have 2 way talk and a siren.

  1. Since I am rural, I do have the possibility of bobcat or coyote. would like to see them, but not have the siren go off. Can that be disabled? I would prefer not enabling people detect mode.

  2. If I am home, I am in and out and various times and is it possible to “one click” disable detection, like what I do with my home alarm system. Have it off when home and enable it at night when I go to bed, again, could be most anytime.

  3. And again, just do a “one click” enable if I leave for town and “one click” disable when I get home.

I have not been able to find a “manual” for the app that goes into detail on operation.

We are glad you asked @Wally !

  1. Motion alerts can be disabled, while the detection itself will still record. Keep in mind, motion alerts can be disabled manually through the app, or by schedule. Avoiding notifications based on object that triggered, is not a feature at this time.
  2. There is a Global Snooze feature that allows you to disabled alerts for all your camera enabled Ring devices, at once.
  3. We are happy to announce an upcoming feature called Modes, which allow you to switch between customized configurations with one click. Check out our Community post about Modes to learn more!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I discovered the info on the upcoming Modes update after asking this question and that looks to be the solution I need.


Looking forward to your feedback on Modes once it is released!