App Feature Requests

Here are a list of features that would make the app better

  1. Incident reporting. This morning motion wasnt working and videos were not showing up in the app and the only way to report was to call someone? Seriously? I just want to report that everything was working and now it isnt. I dont want tech support, just a means of letting you know something isnt working, like how I randomly get crome reports even though I turned them off in the app.

  2. Better communication to the customer. When Ring has an issue they post it somewhere hard to find but why not just push a notification to those affected? I would feel a lot better about just letting me know when there is a problem. There is currently no option to subscribe to all updates on the status page (but you can subscribe to a single issue for some reason).


Hi @ex1580. Thank you for the feedback. At Ring, we’re always working to make things better for our neighbors. For this reason, we’ve created the Feature Request Board! Here, you can share your ideas and upvote other ideas you like. Ring uses this board to constantly improve your experience.