Anyone having issues with their timeline?

Hi, Need input. I don’t get why I am having issues with the timeline. I have done so many process of elimination things that my case has been moved up by Ring. I was wondering if it could be the particular room I have a camera set up because each camera timeline will be working there at some point–until it doesnt work. I checked signal strength it’s good. I moved the camera with non working timeline to a location I never have an issue with and the camera timeline still won’t work. So it cant be connectivity right? Then after a few hours or the next day all 3 cameras work perfect. Then it happens all over again. I have musical ring cameras happening. Switching rooms daily. I need the living room camera to always work, that is where my blind dog is at…

Then I thought it could be my old phone and tested it with my mom’s phone. Hers won’t show timeline either. We both have a Galaxy s10.

The live view works and event history. The timeline will show nothing.

Thank you so much!

Hi @SaraV. I am glad you have been able to work with our support team to escalate your concern. Feel free to update your post with any new information on what our support team did to resolve your concern; it could help others that run into this issue know what to do.