Any way to temporarily disable the smoke/CO2 sensor?

My Ring smoke/CO2 sensor is going off often because my tenant doesn’t know how to cook without making smoke and setting off the smoke alarm! :frowning: Until I can get to my property or have my tenant move the sensor is there a way to remotely turn off the smoke/CO2 sensor? It doesn’t seem so from the app. I see I can “Remove” it, is ths the only option? Because would then have to re-set it.

Hi @stheobald. Unfortunately, there is not a way to remotely disable the Smoke/CO2 sensors. You can only remove them completely, or just remove the batteries. Another option would be to set the alarm to Self Monitoring. This would make it so that in the event the smoke or CO2 alarm went off, only you would be notified and not the fire department. This can be changed at any time.