Any Ring product allows me to create a Schedule so the doorbell only ring in the morning?

so I am looking for a doorbell product, that allows a schedule to be programmed, so that when the video doorbell is connect to the internal mechanical doorbell inside the house, that it ONLY ring the INTERNAL mechanical doorbell from say 9 am to 11 am, and turn OFF the remaining hours

and if there is no such product, is there a product that can create a schedule and ring an add-on product, like some sort of Chime, but only chime at certain time of the day, program by me, again, say from 9 am to 11 am for e.g.

Hi @HappyHopping. At this time, there is no feature or specific product that will allow you to create a schedule that controls when your Doorbell rings if it is pressed. You can use the Chime Snooze feature, which allow you to control times when you don’t want audio alerts from your Ring Chime or Chime Pro, but nothing that will stop the Doorbell from ringing the internal chime kit at a specific time.

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