Any cam devices for remote areas without WiFi?

Love my Ring setup for my home. However, sometime this past week, someone ruined my lawn in a remote part of my yard (did donuts on quads). I’d like to add video cameras to that part of the yard. But there’s no power and it’s out of reach of WiFi. I see that there are battery options with solar backup for cams, but am I correct in thinking that nothing will work without WiFi? Are there ANY ring devices that store footage triggered by motion locally on an SSD or SD card, etc?

If not, has anyone used any non-Ring devices that they would recommend?



I understand your problem. I’m French and I know there are other brand cameras that enable local storage (SD…). However, you may prefer to have something that works with your own ring system, so that all devices work together. If I were you, I would go for a Mesh Wifi router that would bring wifi to every part of your house and garden. There are plenty of good brands (TP link, Eeero, Tenda…). I am also considering buying of one of these routers so that I can add plenty of new devices that will need wifi connexion (smart bulbs, additionnal cameras…).
Good luck !

Thanks. I have a mesh system for my home, but these parts of my yard are acres away with no power, so I have no way to power a range extender near the area.

I’m now thinking maybe two or three really good trail cams would work (ones that have solar backup). Seems like they can also be hidden really well.