Answered Motion?

I live on a fairly busy street. I just recently got my Ring. My peephole cam is recording city buses passing as motion and I’ve turned the motion down as much as possible. But a few things today had me concerned:

• I had a package delivered to my front door, it wasn’t recorded at all. No video of the delivery guy or the box being placed on my stoop.

• I had video this afternoon labeled “answered motion” but there wasn’t a ring of the bell & I didn’t go to the door for anything

Can someone help clear these up? Thanks

Hey @pghkatrina. Answered motion events are when you click on the notification when it is sent to your phone via push. If you have any shared users set up, they can also have the event turn into an answered motion event when they click on the alert. Please note that even accidentally clicking this event when the phone is unlocked could have it show as answered as well.

For the package, I’m happy to help you adjust your settings to avoid this concern in the future! What do you have your Motion Frequency at? If it’s at Standard, please put it to Frequent, as a motion event that may have happened right before the delivery could have snoozed the Peephole cam, thus not recording the delivery right after.

Don’t know if either of these are the answer.

I tap on notifications all the time but don’t get others labeled “Answered motion” ?

And for the motion settings I have it turned all the way down because I live on a busy street. As it is the Ring is still recording ‘motion’ for each time a city bus passes by. The settings still cover my stoop and slightly beyond so I don’t know why this wouldn’t have been picked up.

@pghkatrina Thanks for getting back to me! I should’ve been a bit clear on the answering of motion alerts. It will show as an answered motion event if you viewing the event when it first happened. So let’s say you get a push notification that says “You have motion at your ___.” If you click this notification when it first happens, it should turn it into an answered event when you go into the Live View and utilize that. If there is a delay to answer it and you instead go to the recording and not the Live View, this doesn’t mean you answered it in time and should just be a motion alert. It’s possible this was a hiccup in thinking it was answered when it wasn’t, so if this happens again and you’re not answering the notifications like I described, I recommend giving our support team a call to follow up on this.

For the missed delivery, I think it may be a situation with the Motion Frequency then. What do you have your’s set to? If it’s on Standard or Light and you have lots of motion events, the camera may still be “snoozed” between motion alerts if you had the city bus pass by shortly before the delivery, triggering the camera to record.

In more detail, when on Standard, after a motion event, the camera will snooze and not record for 1 minute. After this minute, the next event will trigger a recording, but it will then snooze for 5 minutes. After these 5 minutes, the next event will trigger a recording, but it will then snooze for 15 minutes before starting this cycle over again. For Light, it’s the same kind of pattern, but the 1st snooze is 2 minutes, then 10 minutes, and then 30 minutes before starting over.

Do you have a notice from the delivery company of when the package was marked as delivered? If you then look in your event history and have an event shortly before this, it could’ve not been recorded because of this snooze. The only reason I go into detail on this is to help explain what may have happened, as I had the similar situation happen on my Peephole Cam when it’s on Standard, so I tried it to Frequent to not miss events.

Although, if you still do not have confidence in the motion detection, it would be best to follow up your concerns with our support team. For this, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.