Another Disconnecting Doorbell

Any advice??

My doorbell keeps disconnecting!!!

If take the battery out put it back in then it works for approximately 5 hours and then disconnects again. I try and reconnect through the app but nothing.
It used to always work, so it’s not the distance from the wifi (I have a ring camera further away that’s connected) I have reset my router but still nothing…

Any ideas before this all ends up in the bin and I get something different.

Hi @Stuart2. There could be various reasons for why your Doorbell is disconnecting, so it may take a bit of troubleshooting to narrow down what the cause is. First, what is the RSSI on your Doorbell? You can read more about RSSI and how to improve the signal here, as RSSI is a measure of how strong your Doorbell’s connection to your wifi network is. If you’ve made any changes to your wifi network recently or added any new devices, this could be impacting the connectivity as well. You can find some more troubleshooting steps for wifi in our Help Center Article here as well. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile:

@Stuart2 Very likely WiFi related. Distance to the device doesn’t matter its how many walls etc are in the way and their composition. As mentioned check the RSSI at the device you are having issues with and I would also see what sort of WiFi signal you get on your phone at the location. A cheap WiFi booster might solve your issue.

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I’m having exactly the same problem. It’s not my WiFi, nothing on my network has changed but a couple of weeks ago I noticed my doorbell was disconnected. I replaced the battery, and it works for 3-12 hours or so, and then disconnects again. Have rebooted the router and the WiFi APs, every other device in the house works fine on WiFi, except the doorbell. The RSSI is 65, which is what it was when I installed it in March. This appears to be a problem with Ring, not my network.