Annoying bug with stick up cam

I encountered this last night - 2 Stick up cams, both solar powered

Cam A for some reason wasn’t charging from the solar panel, so its battery died. I removed the dead battery from Cam A and opened the battery door for Cam B. Then I got a phone call. While I was on the phone, Cam B tattled to the base station that its battery door was open.

I then removed the good battery from Cam B and replaced it with the dead battery from Cam A and closed the door. Then I put the good battery from Cam B into Cam A.

The base station still thought that the battery door for Cam B was open, because that is the last message it received from Cam B, whose battery is now dead. This means that every time I did anything in the Ring app last night, it gave me a popup complaining about Cam B’s door being opened. Open the app - popup. Change cameras - popup. Look at camera health -popup. I finally had to go put the good battery back into Cam B to get it to shut up.

The only option given in the popup is ‘Got It’. Please add an option to disable this warning for a few hours.

That sounds like a very frustrating experience and we apologize for any inconvience. I’ll certainly pass this feedback along to the team to investigate. Thank you for letting us know, I hope your solar panel is now charging the battery as intended!