Android notifications: View explicit choice has been removed


In the past, when I had a motion or doorbell notification, when I opened the notification, there were two bold blue words, View and Snooze. It was very clear and you had a clear target for your finger to touch based on which you wanted. Recently, “View” has been removed and now the only bold blue word that is displayed is “Snooze.” Yes I know you can still view by trying to touch the title bar of the notification, but for me, more often then not, my finger doesn’t hit that in the right spot and I get the “How long do you want to snooze” dialog box and I lose the quick access to the live view. I do not know why somebody would remove the “View” word which was #1 easy to press and #2 explicitly told you that was one of you options, and leave only the “Snooze” button which #1 is too easy to accidentally trigger when you really wanted View and #2 View action is now not explicit and maybe new users won’t even know you can do it. I think this is a very bad usability design and as a former developer and usability engineer I humbly request that you revert to the prior way (show both View and Snooze explicitly). Thank you.