Android Galaxy Bluetooth audio won't disconnect on hang up.

Ring App won’t release bluetooth audio connection. Ring app is interfering with other Apps and phone usage. The live view stream doesn’t release bluetooth audio connection.(not mad, just starting with search keywords)

When using bluetooth audio (all day for me and in car) if I view a Ring live view it takes over audio output to play cam audio BUT when i hang up the stream, audio is still connected. This keeps other apps and devices from being able to interact with the phone or play audio until i kill the apps from the task manager OR use vehicle controls to send a separate “hang up” command.

2 things make this more than a nuissance:

  1. Any time i’m holding the phone, ring alerts get touched and it opens the live stream. (Probably an issue with my phone’s and lock screen behavior in hands or pocket.)

  2. I’m wearing bluetooth hearing aids all day long now, when the connection doesn’t close, amplification doesn’t return to normal and i can’t hear properly until find my phone and close the app. This doesn’t seem to happen when viewing recordings, so i’m guessing there’s a 2way connection handler that’s just not getting properly closed in Android.

Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note10+ have all had this problem.

I did some searching and paged through recent posts and didn’t find anything. Sorry if this is known. thanks.

Hi there, @Paul-MC. I will make sure to pass this on to the appropriate team so they can look into this further! In the meantime, make sure you completely close out of the Ring App after accessing a live view or make sure to always navigate back to your dashboard to see if this continues to bring the audio to normal for you.

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Just wanted to update that a recent app update seems to have fixed this issue.

Thank the APP team for me! Hanging up on the live view now closes the bluetooth “call” connection to peripherals.

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had this issue too .

Found using the call disconnect button on my steering wheel kills it .

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