Android app does not have a sound or vibration when the alarm goes off

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Left home. Armed the system which said one door was opened. It was not but I have trouble with that contact sensor. Anyway the alarm went off for several minutes until I happened to look at my phone and saw the notification about the alarm. I then used the app to turn it off.

Is the app supposed to vibrate, make a sound when the alarm goes off? Does the Ring app have to be open? Did I miss a setting somewhere?

I have professional monitoring but have it turned off because of issues like this. Thank you.

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It vibrates and alerts with all one tone for all Alarm notifications. So the same tone and vibration that you got about the bypassed sensor. Or the same alert you’d get for any other notification from the Alarm. It doesn’t repeat, either, so it’s likely that you just missed it.

It would be nice if Ring were to separate the Alarm notifications into at least two categories, one for general alerts, and one for actual active alarm events (which ideally uses the Ringtone volume stream so it can be configured to play long tones and repeat them and the vibration).

I had to set mine (Android device) to a loud siren sound so I would hear it, and so I don’t use any of informational alerts from the top of each sensor’s device page (like door open/close or motion detected) on my phone for that reason. It doesn’t repeat or vibrate any more than normal, but it is at least noticeable.

Edit to add that if you’ve got Pro Monitoring, having it turned on would trigger a call as well, which is more noticeable than just the app’s basic alert.


Well worded @abqnm , thanks for helping! @Slinky2 to add to those recommendations, if upon further investigation there is absolutely no vibrations or sound notification as a result of the Alarm triggering, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Also check notification preferences in your phone’s settings to ensure all permissions and toggles are on.

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When is Ring going to fix the root problem here? When will we be able to select our own sound for ‘Alarm’ notifications?

Ring is currently just using the ‘default’ sound for alarms. So when my phone beeps, it could be from any one of the apps that I have installed, so I often ignore it. It’s not until I get a call from the professional alarm monitors that I notice that the alarm is sounding.

I should be able to select a more urgent sound for alarms. Please.


Yes, short of my phone getting up, walking over and bopping me on the nose, it would be useful to have some options. One of which is an alarm that sounds like the one the system uses.


Your feedback has been delivered to the team. We will certainly keep you updated with any information along the way :slight_smile:

Please forward this request to the iOS team as well - iPhone has the same issue. It is strange that an alarm would trigger a regular notification and not have a special sound. I can adjust the sound for the Doorbell, but not the alarm notification sound? Sounds like a trivial change to me …

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Has there been any change to this request? This was submitted July of last year. I would assume that once the alarm goes off the phone would begin to constantly vibrate or alert until addressed.

I work in an office setting and have to have my phone muted. My alarm was going off for quit some time before I noticed and disabled it.

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I’ve just bought and installed the ring alarm system and I can’t believe there is no option to set a separate alert tone for your phone for when the alarm is triggered. This is a HUGE issue. It seriously affects the usefulness of the whole alarm as there is nothing to distinguish between an ordinary alert appearing on your phone and a serious alert where your alarm has been triggered. Other users have raised this issue for months now. When will this be fixed?

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I’m stunned this hasn’t been addressed

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I too am stunned about this basic operation. I am replacing an alarm whose control head died that is 8 years old and it had different sounds for alarms and notifications.

As someone else stated “It is not ready for prime time with issues like this”.

I just bought it and was very surprised and might not keep it because of this.

Here is the only workaround I could come up with, and it is not ideal.

There is one sound app on Google play called “Notificon” by Gautham S Yaji

It will allow you to select voice or custom sound notifications in an Android app.

All other apps that I found that were around a few years ago are no longer supported.

I downloaded a MP3 file from called Siren Noise, but it could be any of their siren selections.

I copied the file to internal storage/notifications so it will appear on the notification sound list

I used the app “Notificon” and selected the Ring app and then selected the siren sound.

The volume must be set in the general settings of the Notificon app, it uses its own volume setting.

Now I get a siren when an alarm occurs at whatever volume I set the Notificon app to use.

I had to turn off entry delay and mode updates and event updates in the Ring app or I get an alarm entering or leaving. I turned off alerts on all of the individual sensors.

Basically any notice for which you don’t want a siren sounding you must turn off

This is not ideal, because I used to like getting a simple push notification on my old alarm when it was armed or disarmed.

The sound it used was the default sound setting on an arm or disarm but a siren on an actual alarm, the way it should be.

They desperately need to fix this. A burglar alarm should sound like a burglar alarm not a ding.

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I have the same problem with iPhone. Ring, please fix this. I too am considering another alarm system because of this, and I have 4 ring systems on different properties that I own. I pay for the monthly service so I have cloud storage of video, but I use self monitoring because we use these in houses that we rehab, and the workers set them off all the time. I used to have professional monitoring, but I missed a call from them once, so they sent the police, who gave me a $100 fine for a false alarm. I pay as much as monitored service users do, but I monitor it myself and when the alarm goes off I sometimes miss it. This is not acceptable. Ring, please fix the ability for self monitored users to choose a special alert notification when the alarm is going off!!

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