Andriod App won't let me log in

Yesterday I changed my password from the website. Logged in on the website. Tried to log in on Ring app on wife’s phone, wouldn’t let me “Invalid email or password”. I am able to logon to my phone. Tried wife’s phone first, then mine.

Tried several times.

Rebooted phone (2 times). Once was a restart, once completely off, then after several minutes turned on.

Cleared cache and app data. No Go.

Deleted app (2 times).

Changed password again (3 times in total), same thing - able to log in on website (pc) and my phone, not wife’s. 3rd password change was done through ‘Reset Password’ from her phone/app.

Tried on wifi and over cell service.

VPN has been off the entire time.

Deleted all Authorized Client Devices.

Called Customer Service, told customer service rep everything I mentioned here, was not given the option to escalate customer service, rather told to wait 24 hours because the app has locked me out. The app gives no indication that it is locked.

Any suggestions? I’ll wait the 24 hours before trying anything else.

Edit: Adding date right here 11/25/2022

EDIT 11/26/22: Today I tried, after 24 hours to make sure IF the app was locked it would not be locked, created an account for my wife and linked it to my account. THE APP STILL SAYS EMAIL OR PASSWORD NOT VALID!

Called customer service, again. This time was connected with an agent who was able to help me.

Made a separate account for wife, I linked it to the main account but was still unable to login.

The customer agent tonight was able to help, app logged in.

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Hi @AZ3. I’m glad our support team was able help resolve your concern. :slightly_smiling_face: