Amazon Sidewalk will cause Ring customers to leave Ring

After spending thousands of $ to secure our home and network, I just heard that Amazon intends to allow access to OUR WIFI network without our permission. It is concerning in the extreme that Amazon is not requiring Ring system owners to OPT IN to Sidewalk, but rather that Ring system owners need to OPT OUT. We have an extensive Ring security system and a dozen Ring cameras; but with all due respect, we aren’t willing for Amazon or Ring to treat OUR system as a component of your strategy for a comprehensive public survaillence network. I hope Amazon will reconsider the downsides of Sidewalk. I suspect that most of your customer base would be as opposed to Sidewalk as we are.


Hi neighbor. We appreciate your feedback about this feature and will make sure to share it with the team here. If you would prefer to Opt out of Sidewalk this Ring Help Center article has some great details and steps for you to follow. Thank you!

Marley, the other factor here is trust. I’m sure most of your customers want to feel that Ring is trustworthy, and when the company makes choices on behalf of Ring customers that those customers would be unlikely to make for themselves, there can be an erosion of trust. Not asking for customer’s permission for Ring to use customer’s WIFI networks in a manner that no customer likely anticipated when purchasing Ring security equipment…not exactly great optics for Ring around trust.