Amazon Sidewalk w/Ring Door View (peephole)


Will the Amazon Sidewalk feature appear on the Ring Door View camera (the peephole version)? I was looking to make sure it was disabled and the UI doesn’t seem to suggest the Door View supports Sidewalk; it’s suggesting I should “add other devices” if I want to enable Sidewalk.

Hi there, @rjmora87! Sidewalk is only enabled for existing customers with eligible Sidewalk-enabled Ring devices, known as Sidewalk Bridges. You can see which Ring devices are Sidewalk-compatible here . Before Sidewalk became available, we began notifying existing customers with eligible Sidewalk Bridge devices so they could consider the benefits of Sidewalk and decide whether they want to change their preferences.

Please note : You must have a Sidewalk-enabled Ring device to use Sidewalk. You can learn more in our Help Center article here . If you do not have a compatible device, Sidewalk is not available to you.