Amazon Sidewalk Opt-out not working?

I went to this page to disable Sidewalk on my flood light cameras: Opting In and Out of Sidewalk – Ring Help

I still cannot for the life of me figure out how to opt out. I open my ring up, go into the menu, go to control center, go to Amazon Sidewalk, and all it shows is information on Sidewalk and what devices are compatible. It’s not giving me a slider option to opt in or out. Any idea if this is even live yet??? And yes, my app is up to date!

That needs to be done in the Alexa app.
Go here for details.

Wow Eagle thank you so much. It seemed odd to me to download an Alexa app as I don’t have any Alexa enabled device. I had ring longer before it was acquired by Amazon. It still worked for me. Now I’ll delete the Alexa app as I have no use for it.

Ring Mods, please tell them to add that option to the ring app like your own instructions say! You’re leaving people in the dark but unfortunately many are dependent on your services. Shame on you!

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Yes, it should state that in the Ring app. Hopefully they will add it so people can find it or add it to the app itself. Glad I could help :smiley:.